Pratap Jena’s take on Telengana encounter was amiss, will the CM admonish him

Samikhsya Bureau

It was read in a Whatsaap post that a score of human rights activist has raised the voice against a reported statement by none other than the Law Minister of Odisha, Pratap Jena, objecting to the latter’s  statement welcoming the action of Cyberabad police in Telengana.

A letter in this regard has been sent to the chief minister Naveen Patnaik by the above activists to initiate action against Jena for condoning an act of ‘ extrajudicial killings’ which is a blatant violation of the constitutional obligations. It remains to be seen if, the CM would act on the matter or not.

By positioning himself, where he is, Jena has, perhaps, got himself driven by a general sentiment or, he did that consciously to join the constellation of others across the country to support the encounter, so it is left to the concerned minister how does he defend his stance.

Or was it an adolescent throwback that Jena intended to cash in on the whims.

Rest is left to the chief minister to ponder over it and see, if his minister deserves a forgiveness or requires befitting admonition coming within the prerogatives of the CM. To ask the minister to apologise or go.

If one takes to some nice sounding words like, fairness in politics in which political leaders take oath to make the system more fair and impartial, then Jena has faulted and he has to repent.

The issue of encounter, as it did, by now has become all the more challenging and it is faced more by the current political discourses.

What has happened to present day politics ? Everywhere there is a growing tendency to hit someone below the belt for which politicians chose the way to speak something off the hat without knowing if that is inclusive or not.

Sometimes, they utter things with frightening ease, like Jena did, just to carry on with a momentum created by a multitude which is angry by the abuses on the social scruples and many such things.  Delhi, Telengana and Unnao were few of those provocations.

But, he holds a position that postulates balancing between ethics laid down in the books or hollow rhetoric that is not permissible under the system.