Priyanka Gandhi slams BJP for onion, petrol price rise

Priyanka Gandhi slams BJP for onion, petrol price rise

New Delhi, Dec 9: Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi has slammed the government for rise in onion and petrol prices. The price of petrol crossed Rs 75 mark and that of onion has risen to Rs 200 a kg in some parts of the country, according to reports.

Priyanka Gandhi tweeted, “The inflation has made the life of common man worse, prices of onion have crossed Rs 200 in some parts and petrol has crossed Rs 75, but the BJP government is in sleeping mode”.

The prices of essential commodities including the onion which is an important vegetable in Indian Household, have been moving north for quite some time.

Last week Parliament saw a heated debate on the issue of onion price between the treasury and opposition benches, mainly the Congress, with its leader Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury making remarks on Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Ministers Amit Shah and Nirmala Sitharaman.

Chowdhury said, “There is a fire inside the markets across the whole country as the prices of all items have been increasing, especially onion. Centre imports onion on the price of Rs 67 per kg which it is being sold in the market at the price of Rs 130-140 per kg,”

The government says that the price of onion is rising due to unseasonal rain which damaged the crops in many parts of the country. The imported onion will only be available by the first or second week of January.