Rahul is wrong but Modi was not right then, saying ‘Delhi a rape capital’  

Samikhsya Bureau

By saying that ‘India has become a rape capital’ Congress scion Rahul Gandhi courted criticism from many quarters. Some blamed him for politicising sensitive issues like that.

Rahul’s innuendo although was not a scaremongering in essence but it had inbuilt elements of fear which leads to listlessness among the larger mass. He could have restrained himself.

But what Rahul said now can be seen as a ‘Déjà vu ‘ if one goes down the memory lane back to 2012, when the Nirbhaya incident took place, then Narendra Modi had said that, ‘Delhi has become a rape capital’ for which he demanded an explanation from the UPA.

This shows how meaningless have become the political discourses and the change in its dynamics are often flabbergasting.

Anyway, two wrongs cannot make one right and Rahul must have had a pause before saying that in order to derive relief or amusement that hind sights can offer.

Be it then Modi or now Rahul, such phraseology have become part of the present political  vocabulary and none of the people realise that how meaningless they are.

Use of certain language or such phrases are not only being seen as out-dated but, must be banned in any civilised democratic debates.

Whether in Delhi or Hyderabad or Unnao, the bestial crimes by those bloodthirsty tyrants are hardly get cleansed by such exchanges in public.

Rather it comes as affronts for the victims or their relatives who look up at the leaders for certain palliatives if not a sudden cure.

These people (political executives)  have been positioned and of course, paid,  to bring remedies and not to do any dramatics through catchy one-liners.

There has been a paradigm shift in discourses. From hair-rasing speeches of those years, now, to rabble rousing.