Raise hands and say sorry Mr.Prime Minister, stop firing from the shoulders of foot soldiers!

There are thousands those who can raise the guns and shoot, but it is difficult to find a person who can raise his hands and say, sorry!

The results of the Jharkhand Assembly election has borne similar such signals from the Central leadership  of the Bharatiya Janata Party.

The Prime Minister Narendra Modi and home minister Amit Shah, who addressed about 17 election rallies in Jharkhand have no regrets that, the party’s performance in those pockets were dismal.

BJP did badly and the alliance stole the show at last. And most deservingly so, catapulting Hemant Soren back to power.

When TV anchors failed to make Modi responsible

While watching debates in most of the national news channels, it made BJP’s position more enigmatic when the BJP spokesmen were found severely reluctant to say, even for once, that the Modi magic has failed in Jharkhand.

The reasons are not far to find. The top duo, Modi & Shah, rode on the crest of issues of national taste to impress the voters. In which the contentious issues like CAA and NRC were given a priority whereas, the local factors were brazenly ignored.

It took a lot of vocal cord exercise for the news moderators in televisions to make even a single BJP spokesman to admit that, Modi should take the responsibility for the debacle in Jharkhand.

Interestingly, all the BJP panellist and its apologists were working hard to make the former chief minister, Raghuram Das, the fall guy. That was, perhaps, pre-orchestrated and the spokesmen made a caricature of themselves by going off-tangent flogging the dead horse.

Had it been otherwise and the BJP would have romped home in Jharkhand, then it would have been different. The same spokesmen would have gone with all cylinders fired to say that, ‘ you cannot write off the charisma of Modi ‘.

It remains to be seen how the two top leaders of the BJP are going to defend themselves during the campaigns for Delhi assembly polls and duck the spikes of Jharkhand embarrassment.