Suicide attempt in a Bhubaneswar KVS, student critical and parents on strike

Suicide attempt in a Bhubaneswar KVS, student critical and parents on strike

Samikhsya Bureau

An incident of attempted suicide by a student in a Kendriya Vidyalaya in Bhubaneswar has come to light. As reports say, the student was driven to that state after being ill-treated or harassed by some teachers in the school.

According to reports the matter has gone to the police although the school authorities have the counter that, they have not received any such complaint about mental harassment meted out to the student by any teacher.

Pending the police probe, the issue that comes into the fore is, what could be the reason that a young girl could decide to end her life by jumping from the third floor of a building in the school premises!

Is everything ok regarding the interaction between the teachers and the students in such educational institutions where demands from the students are not in proportion to the capacity, both intellectual and physical ability of a student.

Or, is it that, in any way the over-burdened teachers prefer to vent their mental angst on the students?

After getting closer to the inside structural details of the school like KVS, it is found that, it is a situation where passing the buck in between the head of the schools, teachers and the students when the target of achievement gains priority.

The student who attempted suicide on Saturday must have a pressing reason. She is in a critical condition and under treatment with two legs broken,  while the police is investigating into the incident.

By no yardstick such an incident can be seen lightly when a child battles with her injuries, the teachers are nowhere to take a side and the head of the school is on a denial mode.

The parents of students have staged a demonstration before the KVS  Dy Commissioner office demanding responsibility and action against the authority. Results become secondary if that comes at the cost of a student’s health.