Type CAA-NPR-NRC’ as wish msg instead of  HAPPY NEW YEAR,  on run up to 2020 !

Samikhsya Bureau

Politics in India has become so volatile and  an all pervasive rants over the three abbreviations like CAA,NPR and NRC are bound to dislocate the three feel-good words ; happy new year’.

Social media, television debates and the most recent being the Twitter campaign by the BJP now readies to defuse the early sun-light of 2020 that is barely hours to go.

Right from the top politicians to activists or soothsayers to intellectuals, all are on the twitter handles giving way to a nationwide slugfest either to plead for or against the three dreaded words, trending everywhere.

Tireless efforts are being made by all to see the dissenters cornered. Be it the opposition parties or the Bharatiya Janata Party or their supporters, the end result is protests to the above three or a support in the build up.

Everyone tries to lay his hand on anything that comes to grip.However, interestingly, the astrologers are so far silent on what the ‘stars’ of CAA-NPR-NRC say.

There could not have been worse a confusion for the citizens of the country. Some times the union home minister dissects NPR and NRC as two separate things, while an hour after,  the union law minister says that, NPR and NRC have things only later to be seen if the latter has to incorporate some datas from the former.

A breathtaking run up to 2020

There is a tearing hurry now in both the sides while the euphoria over new year appear eclipsed and other issues like governance have been tucked to middle pages of priority.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday yet again backed the newly enacted but the controversial Citizneship Ammendment Act and even took to the micro blogging site Twitter, using hashtag #IndiaSupportsCAA’ and urged people to hear the ‘lucid explanation of aspects relating to CAA and more by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev” Modi tweeted along with the video of the Sadhguru.

The Sadhguru also preaches followers to remain away from the ‘misinformations’ created by vested interests, the PM has tweeted.

Kill the ‘Myth bluster’  

The BJP has, in the meanwhile, on its twitter handle put out the ‘missive’ calling it a ‘myth bluster’ on the same hasgtag.

Then goes the same parroting by all who favour that ‘ CAA is not a monster’ nor an anti-Muslim narrative as being branded by some.