Twitterati sit up, take notice of tilted toilet

Twitterati sit up, take notice of tilted toilet

New Delhi, Dec 18: A UK start-up’s idea of coming up with a toilet with a seat tilting forward 13 degrees more than the normal one elicited disapproval as also funny responses from Twitter users on Wednesday.

One Twitter user said: “BREAKING NEWS: Say goodbye to comfort breaks! New downward-tilting toilets are designed to become unbearable to sit on after five minutes. They say the main benefit is to employees in improved employee productivity.”

The post got 7.4K retweets and 22.6K likes.

In reply, one user said: “Surely the raise in productivity will correspond with a raise in wages right? Ahahaha, just kidding. You just hate working people.”

It got 614 retweets and 13.2K likes.

“Good to know that while wages are stagnant, corporate America still has the money to punish workers for a minute of time to themselves,” read a post.

Another user posted: “I’d sue if I worked at a place with a toilet like this and I’d win ’cause I have crohns disease and this is discriminatory. If anyone has crohns and sees them putting in this toilet I say let the lawsuits fly.”

One user said: “Gross, they should’ve invested in bidets.”One Twitter user posted a funny remark: “We should invest in guillotines.”

Another wrote: “Make the toilet vertical and I’ll still be sitting on it all day.”

One post read: “If you pack enough toilet paper on top of the seat you can fix the angle, plus then your company has to pay more for toilet paper. Win/win.”