37 militants killed in Afgan when their own bomb exploded

At least 37 militants of the Taliban movement have been killed and a number of others suffered injuries in the southern Afghan Kandahar province after their own bomb-laden armored vehicle suddenly exploded, local media reported on Sunday, citing officials.
According to the Khaama Press News Agency, the incident took place near the province’s Maruf district, bordering on Pakistan.
A spokesman for the provincial governor said that the Taliban militants were planning to launch an attack against Afghan military, using an Armored Personnel Carrier packed with those very explosives, the outlet reported.
The Taliban has refuted the reports, claiming that there was no such incident at all, the news outlet said.
Afghanistan has long been struggling to achieve stability in the country, especially in the terms of security. The Taliban movement has been one of the major forces opposing Kabul, as its militants seized power in the country in 1996 before being overthrown in 2001 only to continue fighting the government as insurgents.