Angry students block police flag march in JNU campus

Published: Jan 6, 2020, 8:32 am IST

New Delhi, Jan 6: After a brief lull, things again heated up at the JNU campus in the wee hours of Monday.

Belligerent students blocked a police flag march led by Special Commissioner of Police – Law and Order, R.S. Krishnaiah.

The students blocked the police path at the Sabarmati T-point.However, the police managed to dodge the students blockade and continued to march towards the convention centre. But even before they could cover some distance, the police’s path was once again blocked by the protesting students.

The students continued to shepherd the police backwards towards the North Gate of the JNU campus.

The tension at JNU campus comes in the aftermath of violence unleashed by a group of people, believed to be outsiders, while some allege they were ABVP activist, descended upon the campus on Sunday evening and assaulted students and staff.

The university authorities have blamed students, opposing the registration process, for the violence on campus.