AP cop horses it out to create COVID-19 awareness

AP cop horses it out to create COVID-19 awareness

Kurnool (Andhra Pradesh): The dusty village roads of sleepy hilltown Peapully, in Kurnool district, woke up to the sight of a cop on horseback. It turned out that local police sub-inspector Marthu Shankar was on an awareness campaign about COVID-19.

Sub-inspector Maruthi Shankar, astride a white horse splattered with red spots paraded up and down the streets, making loudspeaker announcement on COVID-19 awareness on Monday. This is one of the many initiatives that policemen like Maruthi Shankar, in different parts of the state are taking up to contain the spread of the dreaded pandemic in the state.

Speaking to IANS, Maruthi Shankar said he was inspired by the Prime Minister, AP chief minister and his superiors in the police department.

Explaining the symbolism of the horse in his publicity campaign, Maruthi Shankar said, “The villagers would understand if I say that if they are not careful, coronavirus will spread faster than a horse can gallop. The red spots on the white horse depict the coronavirus”.

He said he will regularly take up the initiative in the days ahead.

Andhra Pradesh had reported 40 COVID-19 positive cases till Tuesday morning.