Concerns about EVMs must be addressed: Rahul

(UNI) Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday raised concern over the Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and said it must be addressed.

The Congress has managed to win Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh comfortably and is all set to form its government in these two states. However, in Madhya Pradesh it requires support from other parties being short of few seats.

On a question about EVMs, Mr Gandhi said, “As far as the EVMs are concerned, there is a generic issues. If the people in the country are uncomfortable with the EVM, then it’s a big issue which needs to be addressed.”

In earlier elections, the Congress party had consistently attacked the BJP over alleged ‘manipulation’ of the EVMs, after it faced debacles.

He also said the chip available in the EVMs can be easily manipulated.

“But the central issue of EVM is still there, if the chip is manipulated you can affect the entire voting system, that’s not possible with manual voting. This is a question that has been answered in the US and other countries, where they’ve said that we don’t want an EVM,” he added.

He also launched a blistering attack on the saffron outfit and said, “The BJP has one ideology. We have defeated them today and we will defeat them in 2019 also.”

He also said unlike BJP, the Congress will not give a call for BJP-free India.