Russian scientists develop medication for schizophrenia

( UNI) Scientists from the Feldman Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the Academic University of Pavlov Medical have developed a drug useful in the treatment of mental illnesses, including schizophrenia and mania.
According to a report in TASS news, a contributor to the new drug Elia Sukhnov said that scientists have developed a substance that affects nerve communication.
“When lab mice were injected with this drug, TAAR1 receptors were activated in the central nervous system, which affected signal transmission between neurons in the brain,” he added.
Scientists confirm that the pharmaceutical formula enables the production of tablets for the treatment of mental disorders and is a new way to treat schizophrenia.
Schizophrenia affects more than 21 million people worldwide and is characterized by a disorder of thought, cognition, emotions, language, behavior, etc.