Congress’ Jitin Prasada demands UP govt help to suicide victim’s kin

New Delhi: A day after an unemployed man committed suicide in Shahjahanpur, Congress leader Jitin Prasada on Saturday blamed the Uttar Pradesh government for “mismanagement” in handling the coronavirus crisis and demanded immediate financial help to the bereaved family.

The former Union Minister met the family at the district hospital in Shahjahanpur and said: “It is a testimony to the mismanagement committed by the state government where the poor people are left without any help.”

“It is a reported case whereas many cases go unreported and the administration is trying to cover it up,” Prasada said.

Bhanu Prakash Gupta had allegedly committed suicide on Friday, blaming the lockdown for his economic distress. In his suicide note, he blamed the lockdown for his inability to care for his family.

The man earlier worked in a hotel but had reportedly run out of cash in the last few days.