Enchance your natural glow in 4 weeks

New Delhi, Dec 18  Adroit Biomed Ltd has recently launched a premium luxury skin care product Glutone Serum, which is a unique blend of novel ingredients and best of the technology.

The serum claims to enhance natural beauty, glow, and radiance, within just 4 weeks of regular use. Formulated to improve overall skin health, the serum delivers beauty with the help of the advanced drone technology which identifies problem areas on the skin, heals and nourishes it with the goodness of Glutathione and Melazero, to apparently create a lasting radiant effect.

The Mumbai-based pharmaceutical and wellness company, says the Glutone serum brings in the best of the natural antioxidants and new age technology.

Sushant Raorane, Co-founder and Director, said, “We are extremely excited to launch Glutone Serum for our esteemed customers. This product epitomises our thought of merging technology and the novel ingredients to help deliver beauty through topical application. This is the first among our multiple line of product innovations we aim to launch in the near future.”

The Glutone serum contains liposomal glutathione and Melazero as the main active ingredients. Liposomal glutathione — a fast absorbing version of the master anti-oxidant, glutathione, ensures better penetration of glutathione for faster results, while Melazero, a Nobel Prize winning innovation, helps erase preformed melanin and improves the skin tone. The water based serum is also unique in that it has a silky feel and is non-sticky in nature. Results are clearly visible in 4 weeks of using Glutone Serum when applied twice daily.

The product can be bought online at www.clickoncare.com and is priced at Rs 1,200 for a 30 ml pack that can be used for about 30 days.