Jan 7 next Nirbhaya case hearing, court shows compassion for Asha Devi

Samikhsya Bureau

As reports suggest  , when the Delhi Court fixed January 7, 2020 as the next date of hearing, it is said that, Nirbhaya’s mother broke down under a spell of emotion.

Asha Devi who had been patiently fighting for justice for last seven years had expressed hope that the court would bring an end to the long wait and mental consternation and pronounce the date of hanging of the accused.

Now the four accused have got a lease of life for almost 20 days before the court pronounce its verdict on the death sentences on the accused.

It is also reported that, the court had consoled the aggrieved mother saying that, the court has all sympathy with her but’ others have rights also’. The court is bound by laws, the court said.

However, with two of the four accused having denied to go for any mercy petition, it is expected that, the court would come out with the pronouncement once all the legal remedies are exhausted. Even before the accused go for   curative petitions, the Delhi court can pronounce the verdict without any hindrance from the laws.