Gadkari eats humble pie! now states must cut down the fines to more than half

Published: Sep 11, 2019, 12:40 pm IST
Gadkari eats humble pie! now states must cut down the fines to more than half

Samikhsya Bureau

Oh ! now it is a clear case of going back on a resolve that one takes to sport diligence punishing a larger mass caught unaware. It is not to hold brief for the offenders or defend the violators of traffic rules but it is also necessary to know what was the reason behind such punishing measures later to be thrown out of the window.

Centre’s new traffic rules might be a step taken for good but what the union minister Nitin Gadkari said today, in a lighter vein, is a mild reminisce of ‘’Delhi to Daulatabad..

The minister was on record saying that, if the states want then they can cut down the fines and one state has already done it while others are pondering over it. Does the union ministry know how traffic rules are violated by political parties during poll campaigns ? Or do they realise the hardship people suffer when their VIP motorcades leave huge traffic stranded and not even sparing the Ambulances with patients.

All that is not to condone the acts of any violator in the roads but the question is, NDA seems to be in a mood to target the common man through such uncharitable impositions without even breather to think. Does Gadkari know the plight of an Auto riksaw owner like Hadibandhu Kuanr or others whose life supports have been ruined by a myopic whim of a dispensation.

That way Odisha chief minister has surely shown the guts by halting the traffic rule excess albeit post a protest from the citizens of Bhubaneswar and other cities. The chief minister has allowed a three month period of relief for the people but after three months, Patnaik may allow the re-enforcement of the rulers but the penalties should be cut down by more than half.

It was a kind of blitzkrieg that should never be allowed to unfold with such dramatic haste. Rules were always there and what was lacking was their enforcement in the ground for reasons best known to the people in traffic police.