Helper slashes Kerala woman’s throat, leaves notes of plan all over house

Helper slashes Kerala woman's throat, leaves notes of plan all over house

Thiruvananthapuram: A 92-year-old woman in Kerala’s Pathanamthitta district was found dead at her home, where she was staying with two helpers. One of the helpers have been taken into custody, police said on Tuesday morning, on the basis of several notes about his murder plans all over the crime location.

District SP of Police, K.G. Simon visited the crime scene in Kumbazha, where the senior resident was found with her throat slit. Her helpers were from Tamil Nadu.

Simon told the media that prima facie it appears to be a planned murder.

“We have in custody one person called Mayil Swamy, who was one of the two helpers, staying with the victim. A note has been recovered, written by this person, which says, that he is going to kill and then go to jail. The second helper is a woman and the two are related,” said Simon.

The victim’s children are working and stay away.

The woman helper was apparently not present in the house, at the time of the murder. The police have recovered photocopies of Swamy’s letter from a few other spots in the house as well.