Hina Khan: Ramzan in lockdown is a boon

Hina Khan wants her licence to chill back

Mumbai: The month of Ramzan sees Muslims fast from dusk to dawn and is a time for prayer and reflection. For actress Hina Khan, Ramzan 2020 in lockdown is a boon.

“Speaking about Roza and Ramzan at the moment, each year has been pretty tough as there has been work simultaneously happening while fasting, so this year is actually quite a boon! As there isn’t any work to do, so resting at home and then breaking the fast later in the day is all there is to do, which from a Ramzan point of view is great,” said Hina.

Although she had limited access to essential items required for Iftar, Hina is grateful for whatever little she has and is experimenting her way into the kitchen.

“I am always experimenting in the kitchen with what I want to eat, and mainly during these times, I ensure that I am eating everything possible,” she said.

“Though speaking about essentials needed at the moment, we aren’t getting a lot of them right now. We were very keen on making seviyan (vermicelli), but it is neither available in the market nor we have any of it at home. I am still grateful there are so many other essentials that we have while there are people who don’t even have basics at the moment,” said Hina.