Modi’s operation green takes off

It has become an annual feature in India that people battle with the spiraling prices of essential commodities like onion, tomato and potato. The central government has given the go ahead to this project called ‘Operation Green’ that will play a crucial role in the level playing between the producers or farmers and the market thus ensuring the stabilization of supplies . This Rs.500 crore project may also help better facilities for farmers . Although the project was announced in the budget speech of the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley this year but now it has obtained the green signal.

It requires no reiteration that the scaring price fluctuation of the above three commodities has always remained a cause for headache for each family in the country which some times sky-rockets abnormally due to the absence of a regulatory mechanism in place. Now the new project is so structured to play that role where the project will ” also include setting up a market intelligence network to collect and collate real-time data on demand and supply “.