Pak PM refuses any talk with India till Kashmir restored with its status !

Published: Sep 19, 2019, 7:21 am IST

On rising tensions with India on Kashmir issue, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has assered that here was no use talking to India unless it lifts curfew in Valley and restore the special status.

“Unless they lift curfew in held Kashmir and rescind the revocation of Article 370, there is no chance of negotiations,” Mr Khan stated on Wednesday in Peshawar as quoted by Dawn. Kashmir is kept under curfew for 45 days, he stated further.

On violence, the Prime Minister said that those wanting to go and fight in Valley would do great injustice to Kashmiris.

“Anyone from Pakistan wanting to fight in Kashmir or go for jihad in Kashmir would do the greatest injustice to the Kashmiris. Such an act would be an act of animosity towards the Kashmiris,” he emphasised.

“Now this is what I am going to say. Anyone making any such attempt [to cross over into Kashmir to fight] would be an enemy of Pakistan as well as an enemy of Kashmiris,” he asserted.

Tension between nuclear armed neighbours has risen after India last month revoked special status granted to the state of Jammu and Kashmir. Since then Pakistan has been trying to raise the Kashmir issue in international forums. Khan will be visiting the US to address the UN General Assembly next week and might speak on Kashmir. (UNI)