Telangana exit polls: four predicts TRS win, three for hung assembly

(UNI) With three exit polls predicting a hung assembly and four giving a possibility to the Telangana Rashtra Samiti (TRS) in Telangana, there is an increased curiosity to know the final outcome, which will be declared on December 11.

In the 119 member assembly, 60 is the mark required to form the government.

According to exit polls, K Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) led TRS will form the government in the state as the party is expected to get a comfortable majority.

Times Now-CNX predicts 66 seats for TRS, 37 for Congress, seven for BJP and nine for others, India Today-Axis My India survey said the Telangana party will sweep the polls with 79-91 seats, the Congress will get 21-33, BJP for 1-3 and others will win 4-7 seats.

The TV9-Telugu-AARA exit poll is also predicts 75-85 seats for the TRS, the Congress will reach 25-33, BJP will win in 2-3 and others will get 7-11 seats.

T News survey said the TRS will get 55-65 seats and the Congress-34-44, BJP-5-7, others -13-16.

However three surveys, News X-Neta, Republic- C Voter, Republic- Jan Ki Baat forecast a hung assembly in the state where both the BJP and the Congress may not cross 60 seats on its own.

News X-Neta predicts that the TRS will get 57 seats, Congress 46, BJP six and 10 for others.

While Republic – C voter said the TRS will get 48-60 seats, Congress 47-59, BJP 5 and others will get 1-13 seats.

The Republic-Jan Ki Baat polls of poll said the TRS will win in 50-65 seats and the Congress will get 38-52, BJP- 4-7 and others will bag 9-14 seats.

According to political observers, if the TRS does not win majority, the party can form government with support from Asaduddin Owaisi led All India Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM), which is expecting to win in 6-7 seats. AIMIM is considered to be friendly towards the TRS.