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Tharoor to release book ‘Story of my Scalpel’ of Dr Haridas on Jul 13

Tharoor to release book 'Story of my Scalpel' of Dr Haridas on Jul 13

“The Story of My Scalpel” book, penned by eminent surgeon Padma Shri Dr K.P. Haridas encapsulating five decades of his eventful career, will be released by Congress MP   Shashi Tharoor at a function to be held in Thiruvananthapuram  on July 13.

Apart from going down the memory lane, the work reflects on Dr Haridas’s personal and professional experiences, besides his larger concerns regarding the current state of public healthcare in the country.

Dr Haridas, the Founder Chairman of Lords Super Speciality Hospital, delineates his professional journey as a Bariatric Laparoscopic surgeon and how he has been able to set up his own institution on the strength of the training and experience he acquired from India and abroad.

It portrays the life of a dextrous surgeon, who overcame crises with firm devotion to the profession and the society, and the immense joy he feels seeing his patients recovering post treatment.

The book offers vivid accounts of his own career and about the responsibilities of those who choose the profession of a surgeon. It also muses on some of the current health issues like rampant obesity problems in Kerala.

It concludes by posing an ethical question, which continues to vex his peers the world over, that if it is morally correct on the part of a doctor to snuff out a life through the killing of a foetus.

Dr Haridas, who led the first ever liver tumour removal surgery in Trivandrum Medical College, was honoured with Lifetime Achievement Award by Lord Swaraj Paul in British Parliament in 2014. The India Government conferred him with Padma Shri in 2015.