The Irresistible Naveen Dares Odds

Government in Odisha under the leadership of Naveen Patnaik after completion of an almost two decades still remains the most discussed political party and favoured one. Hard work and commitment to the cause of people has always remained the only agenda that the leader still goes on with as claimed by the BJD notwithstanding the political fault-lines in his development tangent.
His biggest asset is his clean image that his detractors tried to paint in bad colour at many occasions. But the people of the State always stood by him and which needs no proof.
Acts of dissemination and disloyalty were brought by a few but they could not succeed to distract the chief minister from his commitment for people. Even there were attempts for rebellion but his performance always silenced such voices. None other than some people from the NDA also officially admired his government’s achievement through all these years.