Twenty nine killed in northern Nigeria attack: police

29 killed

Nigerian police on Wednesday confirmed that 29 people including a policeman were killed in renewed attacks in the northern state of Kaduna.

Two other policemen were wounded and 40 houses were burned down during the attacks on four villages in the Kajuru area of Kaduna, state police chief Ahmad Abdur-Rahman said in a statement.

Gunmen went from village to village, burning houses and killing people, according to the police officer.

“This kind of animalistic carnage must stop; the law enforcement agencies will never tolerate this nonsense again,” said Abdur-Rahman, adding that the deployment of more security personnel to the area had brought the situation under control.

The Kaduna state government confirmed the attacks in a statement on Tuesday, saying security agencies were working to contain the situation.

This is the second spate of attacks in the state within the month. Unidentified gunmen attacked eight villages in the Kajuru area on Feb 15, leading to more than 130 deaths. (UNI)