Lafapa, an envelope of reality and fantasy

Published: Feb 2, 2021, 4:27 pm IST

The Samikhsya Bureau

BHUBANESWAR: Known for her remarkable service for the elderly people of Odisha as the State-Head of Help-Age India, the famed social service organisation, Bharati Chakra is also known as an immensely sensitive and gifted poet.

Her maiden anthology of 52 Odia poems, aptly titled Lafapa (envelope), was released on Sunday on Athena Publishing House premises here in presence of several eminent and popular writers.

Among the assembly of writers present on the occasion were renowned poets Mamata Das, Hrushikesh Mallick and Prasanna Kumar Mohanty while poet and critic Kedar Mishra chaired over the ceremony.

With poet Debasish Mohapatra as anchor, Manoranjan Panigrahi reviewed the book during the gathering.

Publisher Raj Kishore Das was also present.

“Bharati’s poems reveal her sensibilities ingrained in existentialism. She is a poet who looks within,” remarked Mamata Das, the famed poet.

“Bharati belongs to a distinctly different category of writers. As a committed social worker with years of association with the needy and the deprived, she has intimately encountered the agony and disillusionment of the people that has made her poetry poignant,” observed Kedar Mishra who has also penned the prologue of the book.

“What an amazing poetic evening it was…a poem written on 1999 Odisha super cyclone is absolutely remarkable and heart-wrenching. Looking forward to the unveiling of your Hindi and English poems written during your days in Vietnam”, Manoranjan Behera, a reader responded on social media.

“Lafapa contains my poems of intimate memories, experiences, agony, emotions and imagination,” the poet shared.

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