Ranju Ki Betiyaan- Ranju gives Guddu Ji and Lalita the wedding invite

Mumbai, Muskaan and Tia are extremely happy to see Shalu completing all the rituals in the span of 7 days as told by Pandit Ji. Shanti Devi and Ranju decide to go to Lalita Niwas to give Guddu Ji and Lalita, the wedding invite. Meanwhile Nirmala and Bachu Pandey are also present there.

Later on, Rajveer comes to Ranju’s house to apologize to her and acts very good in front of everyone. Ranju being kind forgives him and asks him to join the wedding. He requests her to call him if she needs any kind of help. Bulbul notices him and wonder’s why did Rajveer come home and what would his next plan be.

Vishesh and his family arrive. They are shocked to see Rajveer welcoming them. Nirmala notices Laal Mama and Bachu get very irritated towards him. Bachu angryly informs Nirmala that Rajveer is the one who had kidnapped Vishesh. Nirmala wants to take revenge and tells them that she won’t let this marriage happen.

-Will Bulbul understand Rajveer’s next step?

-Will Nirmala let the marriage happen?

Ranju Ki Betiyaan is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising 4 daughters in a patriarchal society. It delves into the various societal issues faced by single mothers, and will witness Ranju empowering herself to raise her four daughters single-handedly to help them achieve their dreams. Catch Ranju Ki Betiyaan at 9.30pm only on Dangal TV.