Exit polls predict landslide win for BJP-Sena in Maharastra election

Published: Oct 21, 2019, 7:30 pm IST

New Delhi, Oct 21 (UNI) Several Exit polls on Monday predict a landslide win for BJP-Shiv Sena Combine in the just concluded elections to 288-seat Maharashtra assembly.

Times Now exit poll

BJP-Shiv Sena- 230

Congress –             48

Others-                   10.


India Today-My Axis

BJP+SihivSena-  166-194

Congress+             72-40



BJP+ShivSena-   243

Congress+               41

Others  –                   4



BJP-SS  211

Cong+    64

Others    13.

A total of 3237 candidates from a host of parties besides independents are in the fray. BJP contested on 164 seats, while its alliance Shiv Sena has fielded candidates on 126 seats. Congress has fielded 147 candidates and the ally NCP has fielded 121. In 2014 elections, BJP won 122 seats, the Sena-63, the Congress-42 and the NCP-41.