Indian Civil Officers call on President Murmu

Indian Civil Officers

Indian Civil Officers: Probationary Officers of Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Indirect Taxes), Indian Civil Accounts Service, Indian Defence Accounts Service, Indian Railway Accounts Service and Indian Post & Telecommunication (Finance & Accounts) Service called on the President of India, Smt Droupadi Murmu at Rashtrapati Bhavan today (February 3, 2023).

Addressing the officers, the President said that as our governance system moves swiftly towards a more efficient, accountable and transparent administration and seamless service delivery, the Revenue Service and the various Accounts Services are going to play a much bigger role than before. Two days ago, Union Budget 2023-24 was presented which gives an estimated account of the government’s finances for the coming financial year. The Budget aims to create growth opportunities for citizens-especially the youth, inclusive development, and achieve many other national objectives. They all in their respective services have to ensure through accounting, auditing and budgeting, that every rupee of taxpayers’ money is used for the country’s development and well-being of people.

The President said that officers of the Indian Revenue Service (Customs and Indirect Taxes) have a challenging job as officers responsible for collection and administration of indirect taxes of the government. Their role in ensuring tax compliance is important as it would make critical contribution to economic growth and inclusive development. IRS Customs officers also act as guardians of ‘economic frontiers’ of the country and play a central role in dealing with issues of narcotics control, money laundering and tax evasion faced by the country. She urged them to remember that taxation is not just a vehicle for raising government revenue; it is critically important for economic and social development.

The President said that accounting is one of the major tools to enforce accountability in governance. A sound public financial management system is the very basis of good governance. Officers of Indian Civil, Defence, Railway and Post & Telecommunication Accounts Services have the responsibility to build and maintain a robust financial management system that helps in carrying out smooth functioning of the government. Therefore, their role in government is of great significance and you have to shoulder the responsibility with utmost commitment and relevant skills.

The President said that there is a rising expectation among the people for greater efficiency in service delivery, along with transparency and accountability. To meet these expectations, it is imperative for the government departments to modernize their systems by making best use of Information & Communication Technology. Thus, keeping pace with the fast changing world of technology is an area of challenge. To maximize the reach of services, we need to keep updating our knowledge and systems. We have to see how best we can use technology to make our payment, accounting and tax collection systems smooth and seamless. IT tools have been used in auditing not only to uncover wrongdoings but also to evaluate and monitor the processes and outcomes of various government schemes.

The President said that a nation progresses on the strength of its human resource, which mobilizes other physical resources in the best possible manner. She urged all officers to discharge their duties with integrity and commitment and contribute towards nation building.