PM Modi Interview: Big Fish are facing law due Govt’s Zero-Tolerance policy

PM Modi Interview
PM Modi Interview: Prime Minister and senior BJP leader Narendra Modi has said that aim of the NDA government is based on zero tolerance for corruption and ensuring evidence-based action and not on perception. In an interview with a news agency, the Prime Minister said, when the big fish are being caught, questions are being raised by vested interests. Mr. Modi said, they have focussed on policy-driven governance. He emphasized that nation first is at the centre of government’s every decision.
The Prime Minister added that over 38 lakh crore rupees have been transferred to people through the Direct Benefit Transfer. He highlighted that under the Atmanirbhar Bharat vision, the aim is to promote indigenous talent and increase employability. Mr. Modi stressed on the need to understand the aspirations of the new generation and also provide them with relevant platforms to help achieve their dreams.