‘Power of Plough’ a solo exhibition on the occasion of Akshaya Trutiya

New Delhi, Corona has created havoc in the whole world. It has already made uncountable people unemployed. Presently when all are busy and have started Work from Home, in such a pandemic situation only the farmer has taken it as challenge and comes out as a front line warrior for whole world to feed.

Pradosh Swain a veteran painter has made 20 paintings taking these subjects and had made an on line painting exhibition. Curator Janardan Paramguru will make a short film taking these paintings and painters, which will be released on coming auspicious Akshaya Trutiya.

Pradosh Swain has well depicted the role and impact of a farmer on the whole of world. The farmer has started his job and journey to pacify the hunger of the world from this holy Akshay Trutiya.  MOVE EQUALLY has emphasized that we have to cultivate with modern technology or else we will be lagging behind.

Swain in his RED VISION has depicted the true story of a higher educated son of the simple farmer, nowadays the educated son is not extending helping hand to his farmer-father. Further the expansion of society has converted the agro lands into a concrete jungle, which engulfing the cultivating land and may stop food production very shortly. Presently Pradosh Swain is busy with his Brush and Canvas from New Delhi.