A Lesson From An Enemy ! Imran Effects Pledge For Austerity

The nagging differences between the Pakisthani establishment and India in particular and with other nations in general, the new prime minister Imran Khan is all set to set an example aimed at austerity in publice  life and many must emulate that. Reportedly in line with his pledge to cut down extravaganza he has made the  beginning  not to load on the state exchequer further.

He had sounded the note of caution by banning first class travel by all VIPs including the Judges in first class air travels. Now the new PM has few more ideas must be puzzling the erstwhile politicians in Pakisthan and elsewhere.

To cut the load on the state exchequer the new PM has decided to get rid of all the expensive fleet of cars engaged in the prime minister’s service which include 8 BMWs, 4 Mercs, three 5000 cc SUVs,two 3000cc SUVs and the list also contains four Mercedes Benz cars of which two are bullet proof, 16 Toyota cars, two Land Cruisers and eight other cars and one Honda Civic and the list goes on.

The new PMs drive for austerity does not cease at that. After his swearing in the new PM, Imran has in fact curtailed on his expensive stay comfort an had shifted to a three bed-room house of his military secretary along with just two servants. These all he has undertaken to cut extravaganza away from the sprawling PM house that has a staff of 524 and fleet of 80 vehicles.
The example in fact merit a mention regardless of what happens in the days to come but it’s beginning even the Indian politicians may emulate. Where an union minister’s motorcade are seen consisting of 17 to 19 expensive cars in addition to the untold inconvenience the general public is subjected to during their drive through the cities, including the Ambulances .