How many identity farces people have to go through? Vote remains the only goal-post

It was an election rally that the Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed on Sunday. The tenor with which he made all attempts to attack the opposition was only to assuage the local voters to repose faith once again on the Bharatiya Janata Party.

He talked at length on CAA & NRC controversy troubling the people. But why was the prime minister had the opposition on his target.

Were the thousands and thousands who are on the streets, mainly the youngsters, students drawn from several educational institutions were members of the opposition parties?

The epic congregation that took place at the Kranti Midan, assessed to be more in number than was during the Quit India Movement, were they all from political parties? Even citizens, as reports showed, were there who were octogenarians and more who got swayed by the spirit at the venue.

This coinage of Hindu-Muslim is an issue that is being used as a mere dog whistle just for votes only. A BJP leader was even heard talking about an already existing Citizen’s Act then and what was the pressing need for a new legislation. Modi had no answer for that.

Identities and identities !

Everything has to start afresh. One says the Adhaar wont help and another says it will. Before that there is the spectre of National Population Register( NPR)  which would be an exercise at a splurge of thousands of crores of rupees spanning over years and thousands of government officials slogging day in and day out to enlist people and say,  who is right and who is wrong.

How many registers the nation would have within the ambit. Adhaar has become a monster sometimes. Many children got debarred from being admitted in schools for not being able to give Adhaar details and many hospitals still deny treatment if one fails to produce the Adhaar details.

Subjugation is ultimate 

Regarding the anti-CAA protest and the voices of students that being echoed by the home minister’s firmness to bring in the NRC,  has more complicated the minds of youngsters. When the video of one young girl student in Delhi was shown, in televisions, daring the group of cops armed with all that required to stop the protest,  sheer might of her conviction made the cops back-out. She was a student only .

Every time there is a rally, the common rant is about cooking gas cylinders. No matter where the economy has plunged down to.

How many identity cards do we need. To instill so much fear through such diversions, to ensure subjugation is what appears to be the goal post.