Modi flays opposition for hypocrisy over CAA

Modi flays opposition for hypocrisy over CAA

New Delhi, Dec 22: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday flayed the opposition parties for their alleged hypocrisy in opposing the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA).

At a rally at Delhi’s Ramlila Maidan, Modi said those who previously supported the idea are opposing it today. He minced no words while taking potshots at the Congress, Left parties and the TMC for apparently shifting stance on the issue.

On Sunday, Modi spoke at length on the CAA as he kicked off the BJP’s election campaign for the soon to be announced Delhi assembly elections.

He clarified that the CAA is not meant for Indian citizens but for the refugees from the minority communities in Muslim-majority neighbours like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.

He cornered the opposition over the CAA and gave a clear indication about the BJP’s firm intentions on going forward with the law.

The Prime Minister recalled how, a few years ago, former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had supported the idea of giving refuge to Hindus and other minorities from Bangladesh. “If the Congress can support Manmohan Singh, why is it a crime if I propose it?” he said.

He also recalled that Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot who in his previous term had supported the idea of granting citizenship to Hindus and Sikhs. “Why is he silent now?”

After the Congress, it was the Left parties to face Modi’s fire on the CAA. Modi recollected that Prakash Karat had also supported the idea of giving citizenship to Hindus from Bangladesh and Pakistan in the past.

Modi also targeted West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on her changed stand on the CAA. She used to take up the issue of Bangladeshi infiltrators a few years ago in the Parliament but now she is vehemently opposing the idea. “What happened that you have changed didi?” Modi questioned.

Modi also scoffed at the noises being made over the NRC. “Even the NRC was mooted by the Congress not by me,” he said.

Amid the strident voices opposing the CAA, and outbreak of violence in Delhi and other parts of the country, the Prime Minister had remained silent on the issue so far. His speech on Sunday was uncompromising on the Citizenship Amendment Act.