Roopkumar Rathod opens up on book on wildlife photography

Mumbai, Dec 24 Singer-composer Roopkumar Rathod has taken his love for wildlife photography to the next level by getting the pictures published in the form of a coffee table book. The singer recently launched his book “Wild Voyage” here, which features the beauty of wildlife captured through his lens.

” ‘Wild Voyage’ isn’t just about my photos. It is about my passion, about the buzz of adrenaline when a picture comes to life. I have filled my canvas with moments that are full of surprises, yet real. So here I am stepping off the edge with an open heart and this is my journey into the wild — my wild voyage,” he said.

Bollywood veteran Amitabh Bachchan has written the foreword of Rathod’s book. Big B described Rathod’s efforts as “superb photography”.

The singer also opened up on his passion for wildlife, which he has chosen as the subject of his photography. “It’s about the love for all living creatures. I feel drawn to the forest. The wind whispering through the trees tries to tell us a tale. Sometimes we just need to listen. The jungle transmits the enchantment and mysteries of its surrounding to the questing pilgrim. It is my meditative space. The earth has magic for those who believe in it!”

Rathod recently exhibited his works in a group photography exhibition at Nine Fish Art Gallery in Byculla, Mumbai. “I’m overwhelmed and humbled with the amazing response. (I am) so glad people liked and appreciated my work,” he expressed.

Besides his love for photography, the singer also said he loves to travel and is a foodie