With Modi remaining the face, Meenakashi Lekhi picks ‘lotus’ as BJP’s Delhi CM candidate

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New Delhi, Jan 9 : After days of uncertainty on who will be the BJP’s face for the Delhi Assembly election, party MP Meenakshi Lekhi has picked an unusual contender – the lotus.

“Whether you are the Prime Minister or party president or hold any position, it’s the lotus which is our face and we all work for the same cause. It is the lotus which will contest on every seat and lotus will become the Chief Minister of Delhi,” claimed the BJP MP.

This carefully crafted pick comes in the wake of multiple strategy changes by the saffron party on who to project as the chief ministerial face of the BJP. Initially the BJP decided on going without a CM face. But soon toyed with the idea of declaring a chief ministerial candidate since its internal surveys suggested people of Delhi want a candidate from political parties they will vote for.

But soon apprehension were cast over faction ridden Delhi BJP where each leader controls a segment of voters. Finally party chief Amit Shah declared the party would go to polls with Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the face of the campaign.

But many within the BJP are aware while a win will be easy to deal with, any loss would naturally be seen as Modi’s magic failing to work. Lekhi making lotus the face seems to be a carefully thought out strategy to avoid such an uncomfortable situation.