Count down begins for Congress-JDS Coalition Government in Karnataka

Kumaraswamy govt falls, voted out 106-99

The count down began for the 13 month old Congrss-JDS Coalition Government in Karnataka as Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy moved Trust Vote has to be disposed off today by 1330 hrs as per direction by Governor Vajubhai Vala to the Chief Minister.

The Governor’s direction comes in the wake of the House, where the motion was moved with the permission by legislative Assembly Speaker K R Ramesh Kumar, was not put to conclusion as ruling Congress members alleged that their Constitutional right to issue Whip to the members was curtailed by the Supreme Court which acting on 10 Resigned MLAs directed that they should not be forced to attend the Session.

Raising the issue CLP leader Siddaramaiah stated that the Apex Court direction snatches away my or political parties rights which is needed to maintain discipline as a member gets elected on the party ticket and voters cast their valuable vote on the background of to which party he belongs to. “After getting elected, if an MLA decides on his own ignoring the direction given by a party from which he got elected, it will pave way for bad precedent.

The BJP members, led by Opposition Leader B S Yeddyurappa, taking strong exception stated that the Speaker and ruling party members are adopting delay tactics to avoid immediate fall of the Coalition government, and announced that his party members will sleep through out the night in protest against the Speakers delaying the take up the motion despite Governor directing the Speaker to take up the issue and decide by evening. The BJP members slept in the House last night in protest. The Governor’s direction comes in the wake of a BJP delegation meeting him and appealing for his intervention.

The Governor in the night wrote a letter to the Chief Minister asking him to prove his government’s majority before 1.30 pm today (Friday) and as the House assembled
Kumaraswamy demanded that the motion should be put to vote as people should know the facts and not putting to vote immediately as per Opposition Leader Yeddyurappa’s suggestion.

This is for the second time, after taking Oath as Chief Minister, Kumaraswamy seeking Confidence in his government. Immediately after coming to power in May 2018 following BJP headed by Yeddyurappa, after hectic legal battle in the Supreme Court, failed to prove his majority and paved way for formation of Congress-JDS Coalition Government.