Boxing champ sells ‘kulfi ‘

Such things can happen in India only. A boxing champion of the national level Dinesh Kumar now sells ‘Kulfi’ with his father for a living . Dinesh was a good boxer but some time back met with an accident and with no help coming from the government his father had to borrow some money for his treatment so that he can be fit for the next tournament.

But before that the boxing champ was compelled to join his father in the ‘kulfi’ selling so that the loans that his father had taken for his treatment can be paid back.

This is not an isolated case but similar such problem have come on the way of many players or athletes in he country when for a paltry financial problem sports persons had suffered such ignominy. Whereas hardly such things take place in other  countries.

We in India , mainly the media, focus on salable faces either for a good work or for an economic offence . Look at the case of Khaleda Zia, former prime minister of Bangladesh, today sentenced to imprisonment for the irregularities of few crore rupees only. But, the media and the government here devote more time and spend money on big scamsters or looters like Vijay Mallya or Nirav Modi or Chowsky,  highlighting the luxury of sun-light that people like Mallya look for in an Indian jail.