Does Bijay’s silence on Naveen point at bonhomie between them?

D N Singh

There cannot be smoke without fire. The sudden change in the political narratives of the senior but disgruntled BJP leader Bijay Mohapatra, of late, has lent some credence to the speculations that he is perhaps warming up for a change in political fortunes and tilting towards the ruling BJD. And the latest in the series of his purported soft stance towards the BJD is the tirades on the striking lawyers of the Orissa High Court Bar Association.

Quite oblivious to what the BJP’s or Congress’ take on the striking lawyers or the BJD government, Mohapatra has taken serious exception to the strike, which has reached its 58th day. Mohapatra minced no words to list out the hardships those have piled up in last two months almost to become a major legal deadlock that has affected thousands of people and others somehow linked to the judicial process.

What is interesting is the timing of Mohapatra’s stand against the lawyers without even a word on the government, which has so far remained the common target from all sides for not being able to end the deadlock. In addition, it was only on Sunday that a wedge was driven into the unity of the strikers, which resulted in the BJD cell of the lawyers suddenly finding an evil with the period of the strike stretching beyond the limit of people’s tolerance.

Now Mohapatra has gone on the same track taking on only the lawyers but subtly holding a brief for the government. In fact, Mohapatra’s new found silence on the Naveen government speak volumes of what is being cooked.