Politics Over Ravana In Odisha When Punjab Singed In Shock

By D.N Singh
Who can burn Ravana to ashes first  is the buzz in the stormy bosom of Erasama in Kendrapada district. The fight between Naveen Patnaik and the expelled leader from the BJD, Damodar Rout now seems boiling down to a battle of guts for both sides.
Erasama has now emerged as the battle-ready ground where Rout aims to regain his political foothold somehow in the face of the sagging morale in the anti-Naveen camp. Rout has so far indulged in skullduggery heaping abuses on the BJD chief Naveen Patnaik,  even dubbing him as the ‘captain ‘ of many “Ravanas” present in the BJD.
His possible truck with Jay Panda for an outfit to browbeat Naveen seem paling . Even other anti-Naveen leaders except occasional attacks on the overnment have not been overtly committal towards joining hands with Rout. Bijay Mohapatra is “incommunicado ” said Rout few days back before the media , with an air of exasperation rather.
So, the only recourse so far before Rout is to regain his moorings in his home constituency Erasama where he had planned to burn the political devil purportedly training his gun at Naveen  disguising  in Ravana.
Which may lead to a situation of unrest if supporters of Rout and the BJD go for a clash during the crackers burst in Erasama.
When virtually the entire  country is in a state of  shock due to the accident in Amritsar, any such ominous sign from Odisha may not go well with the bereaved lot in Punjab.