Stone Pelting on Train: Two arrested in Odisha

Stone Pelting on Train

Stone Pelting on Train: The Railway Protection Force (RPF) has swiftly apprehended two individuals suspected of involvement in a stone pelting incident targeting the 12552 Kamakhya-Bengaluru Express near Nirakarpur. The incident occurred on the evening of 6th June 2024, prompting immediate action from RPF Khurda Road.

Upon receiving reports of stone pelting endangering the safety of passengers and railway staff, RPF Khurda Road initiated a thorough investigation. Through diligent efforts, including coordination with the train’s Ticket Examiner (TTE) and pinpointing the exact location of the occurrence, it was confirmed that the incident took place between Golabai and Nirakarpur Railway Stations in the Balugaon-Khurda Road Railway Section of the Howrah-Chennai mainline operated by the East Coast Railway.

A team from the RPF, proceeded to the identified area and detained two person, later identified as Ramesh Majhi (aged approximately 38 years) from Golabai village and Sadasib Pradhan (aged approximately 33 years) from Nakula Patna village within the jurisdiction of Jankia Police Station in Khurda District. The detained persons were found in an inebriated state near the railway track, and upon questioning, they confessed to consuming alcohol and engaging in the reckless act of throwing stones at a passing train.

Both offenders failed to provide a satisfactory explanation for their presence in the railway vicinity and were visibly intoxicated at the time of apprehension. They admitted to their actions, citing the influence of alcohol.

In response to this grave breach of railway safety, the RPF has registered a case against Ramesh Majhi and Sadasib Pradhan under Case Number C3C/ 944/24, dated June 7th, 2024, invoking sections 153, 147, and 145(b) of the Railway Act.  The RPF reiterates its commitment to ensuring the safety and security of railway passengers and personnel. Such reckless acts of vandalism will not be tolerated and swift action will be taken against those found responsible.