Ministry of Textiles approves continuation of CHCDS with a total outlay of Rs 160 crore

New Delhi: Ministry of Textiles has approved continuation of Comprehensive Handicrafts Cluster Development Scheme ( CHCDS) with a total outlay of Rs 160 crore. The scheme will continue up to March 2026. Infrastructural support, market access, design and technology up-gradation support etc will be provided to handicrafts artisans under this scheme.

CHCDS aims to create world-class infrastructure that caters to the business needs of the local artisans & SMEs to boost production and export. In brief, the main objective of setting up these clusters is to assist the artisans & entrepreneurs to set up world-class units with modern infrastructure, latest technology, and adequate training and human resource development inputs, coupled with market linkages and production diversification.

Under CHCDS, soft interventions like Baseline Survey and Activity Mapping, Skill Training, Improved Tool Kits, Marketing events, Seminars, Publicity, Design workshops, Capacity Building, etc will be provided. Hard interventions like Common Facility Centers, Emporiums, Raw Material Banks, Trade Facilitation Centers, Common Production Centers, Design and Resource Centers will also be granted.

The integrated projects will be taken up for development through Central/State Handicrafts Corporations /Autonomous, Body-Council-Institute/Registered Co- operatives/ Producer company of artisans/Registered SPV, having good experience in handicrafts sector as per requirement and as per the DPR prepared for the purpose.

The focus will be on integration of scattered artisans, building their grass root level enterprises and linking them to SMEs in the handicrafts sector to ensure economies of scale. The mega handicraft clusters having more than 10,000 artisans will be selected for overall development under this scheme.