Medicover Hospitals done100 kidney transplants in a span of one year

Hyderabad: Medicover hospitals has successfully completed 100 Kidney Transplants in a very short period of time despite facing the challenges thrown by COVID times

On the occasion of World Kidney Day on 10th March, 2022, Medicover hospitals, Hitech city is organizing an awareness program and a felicitation event for the patients who underwent transplantation and the kidney donors.

Dr. Kamal Kiran, Director of Department of Nephrology said, “We have done 102 successful Kidney transplants in the span of last 2 years. There used to be only one Dialysis centre in Bangalore for entire Karnataka state. Now Dialysis centres are available in every state. I have been in Kidney transplant department since 1997. Back in the year 2000, I used to do only 15-20 transplants per year across all the hospitals, but now the number of transplants have gone up to 70-100. At this rate, India needs 10 Lakh transplants per yest, but current its only 12,000. People are losing lives because of unawareness, lack of diagnosis and treatment.”

Lack of awareness among people and shortage of organs are the main reasons for not opting for Kidney transplants. To cater to this situation, medical science has done tremendous progress and now surgeries and procedures like Live donor transplants, Cadaver transplants, Swab transplants etc. are available to help maximum the survival rate of patients.

Kidney diseases are life threatening and an early detection of the same will save lives. This is possible only by creating awareness and encouraging people to seek medical care on time to avert serious future complications. The World Kidney Day Celebration at Medicover Hospital aims to generate this awareness and help people take precautions and medical help on time.

Dr KVR Prasad, Sr Consultant Urologist, Andrologist and Kidney Transplant Surgeon, said, “Living on hemodialysis is a tough job for the patient as well as for the entire family. A suitable donor can give a new leash of productive life to a person. Most of the times suitable donor is available within family only. More awareness is required towards cadaver donor organ donation.”

Consult the doctor if you are suffering from below symptoms:

Long term diabetes, protein loss in urine, low blood sugars, uncontrollable hypertension, family history of Kidney problems (Polycystic Kidney), Vomitings, Diarrhoea, Snake bite, Malaria, excessive use of pain killers, swollen legs, less urine output, skin discolouration, fatigue, lack of appetite, Anemia, blood cells in urine, pain under sides of chest, back pain, frequent urination, or frequent urination at night.

The event at Medicover Hospital will witness the presence of Senior Consultant Urologist Dr. A V Ravi Kumar, Dr K V R Prasad, Dr Koushik Sharma and and Nephrologists Dr J Ranganath and Dr. Arun Kumar and Chief Medical officer Dr. Rakesh and Chief Business Officer Mahesh Degloorkar.

We hope the event organized at Medicover gets success and this World Kidney Day brings some change in the way people look at kidney disease prevention and work towards a healthier lifestyle for healthier kidneys.