A ‘ Kurta ‘ Clad Warrior Of Present Politics

From an unknown political entity in 1997 to an enviable leader of consequence and the surge   goes on . An uninterrupted stint of over 18 years  with a white ‘kurta ‘ and ‘pyjama ‘ lapping at the ankles, is the dress code chief minister Naveen Patnaik maintains,  unopposed and unmatched still. And continues to be a hopeful for another tenure. Patnaik ‘s suave persona,  courteousness and civility are the elements have hardly changed down the years.

He made his first political appearance way back to become a member of parliament in 1997 and since then never looked back. He tested the real power to become the chief minister in 2000 and now aims to defend the citadel in 2019 amidst a blitzkrieg of many political factors making the pitch sticky for his dispensation. But he has never reduced his strides and rather braced to dare the overwhelming aura of Prime minister Narendra Modi through his counter strokes.

Beneath the white garb of white hides a man who never allows the eyebrows to rise  even in worst circumstances, be it allegations of scams or any other political turbulence. He made his ways less undulated through his composure , never ever demeaning his choice in languages to be corrupted by the sub standardisation of present day politics here or elsewhere.

In the midst of a small galaxy of regional outfits in many States, Naveen-led Biju Janata Dal  (BJD ) surely stands out to emerge stronger against the two major political parties in India under all circumstances. That too never budging from the chosen course  of ‘ equi-distance ‘ from the BJP and the Congress. Which gained further steam after he severed the alliance with the Saffron post Kandhamal communal conflagration and which earned him huge accolade. Yet he has best of bonhomie with the BJP under  Modi.