Gateway To Civility Through ‘Me Too’

By D.N Singh

One common sense suggest that, what all the survivors of me too suffered is an outcome of patriarchal dominance that has notionally kept women on the tenterhooks for centuries and ill – perpetrators now be brought to book .

On the other sense the belated awakening by women like Tanushree or others who broke out of the slumbers after years and years do suggest that  real floodgates have been opened which might culminate in a crystallization of gender equality  for women to play effective roles in society  lending a handle to political influence. Literally it may be an exercise in skullduggery but it will have political substance with new line ups of women to emerge stronger and stronger standing upto the patriachally dominated politics of the day.

There is nothing wrong in traveling through the painful memory lanes and pluck the moments of torment and take on the tormentors. Yes the ones who had passed through that trauma of predation either in films, politics or any sort of work place can enjoy the liberty in retrospection to go after the past tormentors.

But what would come on the way are the legal resources to be opted by the accused and any court perhaps cannot act without the evidence in support of the accusers. That is a question under no provision of the law can be done away with. In which case, incidents supported by circumstantial evidence can help the survivors but not in all cases though.

For instance in the case of Tanushree what she had brought out through her statements was an incident of harassment on the floors of a film where, as usual, there must be few cameras, technicians and other crews. That was where Nana Patekar allegedly got down low enough to harass her or similar such outrage. Even the director allegedly indulged in similar misdemeanor adding to Tanushree Dutta’s plight. How could it happen in such a place! It will be a tough task for either the police or the court to act on a situation notionally untenable for any predator.

There may be many such cases already heard or may come up in the days to come.

Even it cannot be allowed by any law to create a situation like setting a cat among the pigeons. Evidence must remain the primary concern for all.

But, all said and done, a new emergence is clear and that should instill the civility into each man’s psyche to know their limits while behaving with women.