Politics Back On Rail Again

By D.N Singh

So now it is politics in the air again. Who is after whom is the buzz in politics with barely months to go for the 2019 political carnival. No party can afford to lose time in making political permutations and combinations to face the onslaught from the opponents. Which selling name can be en-cashed by which party is becoming an interesting question.
Two names make round now. One is grumbling soul in the BJP, Bijay Mohapatra and the other is the former BJD’s flamboyant face Baijayant Jay Panda. Who is a rumored probable for the BJP for long?

While Mohapatra’s position has fueled a rumor that,  will he be there in the BJP as a persona non-grata or he will look for any new home and the party he may grudgingly be associated with is the BJD. He was undoubtedly one of the founding members of the BJD but was soon to be booted out rather unceremoniously  to live in a state political  perplexity for about two decades. A trauma must be haunting him in his sleeps. But he must break out of such a wilderness now .

But the bigger issue is,  can Naveen Patnaik swallow the lump to re-enroll Bijay in view of the political exigency in Kendrapada after Jay’s exit and his ever increasing bellicosity to offend the BJD in Kendrapada only.

There the BJD badly wants someone who can wipe out the footprints of Panda and reorganise the grassroots voter. Mohapatra has that ability but can he forget the insult of 2000 ?
In politics, everything is possible like making ‘strange bed-fellows’ so Naveen and Bijay can see each other eye to eye for mutual gain. Respite for Naveen in Kendrapada where Jay may unleash a blitzkrieg in coming days and for Bijay it can be a political revival or rebirth. If rumors are anything to go by, a truck between the both can take shape within the next two months or never.