“Sports has been given a place of pride in the recent National Education Policy”, PM Modi

The Samikhsya Bureau

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered the inaugural address at 2nd Khelo India National Winter Games through video conference on Friday.

Addressing the occasion, the PM said that the second edition of Khelo India-Winter Games is is a major step towards making Jammu and Kashmir a major hub with India’s effective presence in the Winter Games.

He conveyed his best wishes to the players of Jammu and Kashmir and all the players from all over the country.

He remarked that the number of players participating in this winter games from various states have doubled which demonstrates the increasing enthusiasm towards Winter Games.

The experience from this winter games would help the players while participating in winter Olympics, he added.

The PM further hoped that winter games in Jammu & Kashmir would help in developing a new sporting ecosystem and would instill new spirit and enthusiasm in the tourism sector in Jammu & Kashmir.

From talent recognition to team selection, transparency is the government’s priority. Dignity of sportspeople, and recognition of their contribution is being ensured, the PM stressed.

The PM also asserted that sports has been given a place of pride in the recent National Education Policy.

Sports, which was considered extra-curricular activity earlier is now being treated as part of the curriculum and grading in sports will be counted in the education of the children.

The PM informed that Institutes of Higher education and Sports University are being established for sports.  He emphasized the need to take  sports sciences and sports management to the school level as that will improve the career prospects of the youth and will enhance India’s presence in the sports economy.